Every project and every client has a unique set of technical and economic requirements. No single structural system is “right” in all situations. The structural consultant is required to have a detailed knowledge of all the available options. He/She is expected to have the experience to choose between them. Robb Kullman Engineering LLP possesses the creativity to put forward new ideas when traditional solutions leave room for improvement.

Robb Kullman Engineering LLP recognizes that its responsibility as part of the project design team extends beyond matters of concrete, steel, masonry and timber. Structural decisions are based upon considerations of safety, economy and compatibility with the needs and objectives of everyone involved in the project – the owner, user, architect, mechanical and electrical consultants and the contractor.

The firm attaches great importance to the conceptual design of a project. Thorough evaluation and wise decisions at this stage are vital to the successful completion of the project.

At a time when construction costs are rising and budgets are being cut, reliable cost estimates have become just as critical as economical design. Close contact with the construction industry allows Robb Kullman Engineering LLP to stay abreast of current construction costs. The firm regularly updates its cost database with each completed project.

Jobsite review and office services during construction are carried out in co-operation with the contractor. This positive approach, together with thorough and concise contract documents have been found to work well in achieving quality structures with minimum contract changes. Robb Kullman Engineering LLP has an outstanding record of a minimum of change orders which speaks well of the firm’s staff and procedures for completing assignments.